Finding the perfect person to help you care for your family can seem like a daunting task. Here at Town and Country Nannies we use our expertise and many years’ experience to guide you through the childcare maze and help you find the ideal solution. We are happy to visit you to understand your needs perfectly.

Rest assured that our candidates are handpicked to ensure that they are of the highest calibre. We interview them in person and check all qualifications and documents, including police (DBS) checks, paediatric first aid certificates and references. Only the very best nannies are registered with us, because you only want the best nannies to look after your children. View our registration process here.

What does a nanny do?
Whether full or part time, live-in or live-out, a nanny’s duties generally include all the things to do with looking after your children that you would do yourself. They are responsible for all aspects of your child’s care, from getting up and dressed to bathtime and bed, cooking nutritious meals, laundry, cleaning / tidying of rooms and toys, to taking them to school, classes, clubs and groups such as tumble tots, music and singing, story time at the library and so on. Most full time nannies work a 10/12 hour day from roughly 7am to 7pm, depending on your family’s needs.

Why a Nanny is the best childcare solution?
If you have more than one child, work long or unpredictable hours, and need childcare even when your little one is poorly, then a nanny is usually the best solution. Childminders and nurseries can’t give your child the one-to-one attention and care, in their own home, that a nanny can. If your child is ill, your train is late or a meeting overruns, with a nanny you can rest assured that your child will be well cared for in their own home, and with no extra stress to you!

Unlike nurseries and childminders, a nanny can be available during the school holidays and at Christmas, can babysit in the evenings or even stay overnight when needed, and may even come on holiday with you. Nannies give the best continuity of childcare, so your children are settled and happy.

Most important of all, the care a nanny gives is the closest possible to the care you would give your child yourself.

Which type of Nanny is best for you?

How do I find and hire the perfect nanny?

Our job is to make the whole process of hiring and having a nanny as easy as possible. View our hiring process here

Ready to find the perfect nanny for your family? Register using the online form or Call or us today on 01245 477297 for families in Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire or Suffolk.

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