Which Type of Nanny is Best for You?

Live in Nannies

This type of Nanny will live with you, some live 5 days a week and go home at the weekend and some nannies live with you for 7 days. They will always be on hand to help your family when you need them, whilst respecting Nanny’s off duty time, too. You will need to provide a room for nanny and en suite or perhaps a shared bathroom with the children. Broadband and a TV would be very much appreciated too. There are fewer Nannies now looking for live in positions.

Live out Nannies

This type of Nanny will come to your home every day to work and will perform her duties on whichever days and at whatever times are best for your family.

  • Full or Part time Nannies – Nannies are available for 1 day to 5 days per week including part days, depending on your family’s needs.
  • Nanny / Housekeepers – to give childcare to often older children and to clean and run your home.
  • Temporary nannies – when your usual nanny, childminder or nursery isn’t available.
  • Nanny / PAs – to give part time childcare and help running your home and / or business.
  • After School – Nanny will pick up your children from school, bring them home, keep them safe, give them a nutritious tea and help with homework until you arrive home. Some nannies also do the morning run too, helping with breakfast and getting the children ready for school. Some nannies work full time in the holidays.
  • Emergency nannies – for times of crisis when you need childcare at short notice.
  • Maternity Nannies – to support and advise you in the very early days after the birth of your baby.
  • Night Nannies – when you need an undisturbed night’s sleep, especially when you have a newborn.

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