Super Nannies

Do you sometimes wish you could borrow a Super Nanny for a little while to help you deal with a specific childcare problem?

Well now you can!

Here at Town & Country Nannies we have a number of highly experienced Super Nannies who are experts in baby care, child development and all aspects of life with small children. Whatever problems you’re struggling with, our Super Nannies can act as ‘troubleshooting’ consultants, giving you help and advice and showing you what to do, either hands-on in your home, or by phone and email.

How can a Super Nanny help?

If your baby won’t sleep: a Super Nanny can advise you on establishing (or reinforcing) a sleep routine that ensures bedtime becomes a pleasure instead of a battleground. They can help if your baby or toddler won’t sleep through the night or finds it hard to go back to sleep if they’ve woken up. Super Nanny can help you and your little ones find a sleep routine that suits you all and ensures everyone gets enough rest.

If feeding is a problem: if you’re having trouble with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, are unsure how to wean your baby or have a picky toddler who will only eat fish fingers, our Super Nannies have seen it all and know what to do! They can advise on every aspect of feeding so that you feel reassured and confident that you’re giving your child the best nutrition, in a way that is easy and stress-free.

Child development / behavioural problems: every child has tricky times in their life, and every age brings its own challenges. If you’re struggling to cope with a frustrated baby who wants to walk or crawl, a tantrum-prone toddler or an older child who’s having trouble adapting to pre-school or school, our Super Nannies can help. They can advise, support and help you and your child to move forwards, comfortably and with confidence, past these problems and into a new and happier stage in your lives.

Overwhelm / Exhaustion: sometimes it’s hard to cope with the demands of a new baby or a challenging toddler (or both at once!). Many mums experience ‘baby blues’ and Post-Natal Depression, and everyone has times when they simply can’t cope because they are physically exhausted. Our Super Nannies can provide advice and practical help, acting as a Night Nanny to give you some much needed rest, and helping you find strategies to cope, whether that’s a new sleep and feeding routine or a visit to the doctor to get more specialist care.

Whatever assistance or support you need, our Super Nannies are here to help! Call us today and let’s get you the help you need.  If you are in Essex or Hertfordshire please call 01245 477297.